Protective Clothing

Cotton Overall With Reflective

Denim Apron- Knee Lenght

Kevlar Apron

Microchem 4000-111 Coverall Green. Large, X-Large, XX-Large

Local Polyurethane Rainsuit Set – Jacket & Pants RC-8020

MG1500 Plus Coverall cw Hood – X-Large, XX-Large

MG2000 Comfort Coverall wo Hood – Large., X-lARGE

MG2000 Standard Coverall cw Hood – Large, XX-Large

Microchem 3000-111 Coverall Yellow. Large, Medium,X-Large, XX-Large

Local Cotton Coverall With Long Sleeve(Plain). Color- Navy Blue

Safety Vest


Waistcoat 1B

Waistcoat 1BS

Waistcoat 2BS Executive

Waistcoat 2BS

Rain Jacket


Rain Jacket 1BS

Raincoat 2bs

Heavy Duty Rain Pants